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Convinced that gardening is for you or not? This physical activity is recommended for some for medicinal purposes but for others, the benefits of gardening are questionable and controversial. The only result that is not debatable by both camps is the very economical organic side. Decide for yourself bearing in mind that gardening is an occupation with some drawbacks. Which ones and why can gardening cause certain diseases? We tell you everything bluntly!

Who are the benefits of gardening for?

Gardening season is in full swing. Many good reasons push you to garden even in town  and to create a mini vegetable garden on the balcony . Growing your own tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini is quite motivating and rewarding. When we plant, we must know how to maintain and we are sure that nothing can make you balk at the project of a beautiful garden or a rich vegetable patch. Neither mildew on tomatoes  nor their yellow leaves ! Cucumber salad recipes are so tempting, you’ve learned how to pick these juicy vegetables on repeat all summer long .All of this is worth it, but on the health side, the benefits of gardening are not for everyone.The benefits of gardening for seniors benefits of gardening have many therapeutic benefits elderly View in gallery

Gardening has many therapeutic benefits for older people, especially gardening as it relates to edible plants. Beds, equipment and tools can all be modified to create an interesting, accessible and productive garden.benefits of gardening medical conditions physical disabilities restrict prevent older people from working View in gallery Certain medical conditions and physical disabilities may restrict or prevent seniors from participating in gardening. However, with planning and a few changes, you can create a safe, accessible and enjoyable space.Whether it is a vertical garden 6 made of pallets or raised beds for plants, there is always a choice.First, gardening is beneficial for older people because it is an enjoyable form of exercise that increases physical activity levels, promotes mobility and flexibility by encouraging the use of all motor skills. It improves endurance and strength.benefits of gardening encourage use of all motor skills improve endurance View in gallery

Second, the benefits of gardening include preventing osteoporosis.Third, gardening can reduce stress levels and promote relaxation, can provide stimulation and interest in nature and the outdoors.Thanks to the work in your own garden, you can totally or almost eliminate junk food from your menu.What should be considered when working in the garden?the benefits of gardening take into account age-related physical mental conditions View in gallery Certain physical, mental and age-related conditions must be taken into account when elderly people work in the garden. At the same time, they should not prevent people from being active and fighting against a sedentary lifestyle.Fragile, thin skin makes older people susceptible to bumps, bruises and sunburn.Changes in the structure of the lens can cause loss of peripheral vision and generally poorer sight, which can restrict activities.Mental, thinking, and memory abilities can be affected by dementia and similar conditions.the benefits of gardening susceptibility changes temperature dehydration tendency View in gallery

Susceptibility to temperature changes and the tendency to become dehydrated or suffer from heat exhaustion are common concerns related to outdoor physical activity.Falls are more frequent because the balance is often less good. Osteoporosis and arthritis can restrict movement and flexibility.Inconveniences that arise during gardening the benefits of gardening for seniors digging kneeling bending harmful movements View in gallery Digging, kneeling, bending, and a variety of other repetitive movements that are all part of gardening, can be harmful to your joints, bones, muscles and can cause blisters on your hands and possibly your feet as well.It’s possible to get carpal tunnel syndrome if you use your hands in a repetitive motion while gardening.the health benefits of gardening having knee problems back pain View in gallery You may have knee-related problems and when you bend over your back may feel bad.There is no doubt that garden soil can harbor harmful pathogens.You can get tetanus from an infection, you can get Lyme disease from a tick bite , you can get legionellosis aka Legionnaire’s disease, or Weil’s disease caused by rats.Fungal infections are not excluded and are the cause of respiratory diseases.What is the relationship between gardening and cardiovascular disease?health benefits of gardening polluted soil chemicals threaten heart health View in gallery A soil polluted with chemical substances such as dangerous pesticides represents a threatening factor for heart health.This is why working in your own garden free of toxic products is the guarantee of good heart health. The use of natural fertilizers is a gesture not only towards the environment but also towards ourselves.benefits of gardening health being informed harmfulness risk cardiovascular disease View in gallery Researchers are in the process of deepening and supplementing knowledge on nano and microparticles of plastic in everyday life. So, before being informed about the level of risk of cardiovascular disease, one must wear a mask and gloves while working in the garden.

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