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All you need to do is buy a sprinkler. Given the success of this gardening tool, it was predictable that it would come in a slew of kinds and models. How to choose the right one for your garden among so many products? We offer you our help to make the best choice. We have also unearthed models who hold them. The first is the Gardena Aquazoom . It can be installed on a tripod and can cover an area of ​​250 m² thanks to its adjustable throw. Its maximum flow rate is 1050L/h. The second is theGardena 1197-20 , a device that can support 6 different irrigation networks. Depending on the needs, it can be put on the floor or attached to a wall.

Comparative table

The product can perfectly adapt to any type of configuration of your garden thanks to its numerous jet settings between 7 and 15 m. In addition, installing it on a tripod allows you to cover more space and reach tall plants.

The plastic of this model does not last long in the garden. The device can spend up to 1050 l of water per hour while the integrated automatic programming function does not come with it.

This cheapest model on the list intended for small rectangular surfaces of 250 m² will take care of refreshing your plants hanging on the wall at 10 m height and more.

Thanks to its 6 nozzles, you can water 6 different areas of your garden. With an automatic selector, your irrigation is supplied by a maximum of 6 independent water networks. Given its design, the device is well installed on the floor or on the wall.

The Gardena 1197-20 model cannot function properly without an association with a suitable programmer to regulate and manage the flow of its 6 nozzles. Which disappointed many.

This state-of-the-art machine demonstrates remarkable ease of installation and efficiency. This is perhaps the reason that explains its price exceeding the average by at least thirty euros.

Thanks to this sprinkler, you can take care of a large area of ​​your garden in one work sequence, while adjusting the water flow, and without worrying about the power. In other words, your working time will be optimized by its mere presence.

According to some users, a notice would still have been more practical to understand the device. Because of this defect, they believe that its purchase price should also be reviewed.

Offered in a relatively complete kit, this multifunction sprinkler will reduce your gardening time and even entertain your children at the same time!

We invite you to view the 5 models in our sprinkler comparison, so that you can easily find the best automatic sprinkler that will be best suited to your garden and your habits.

The range of the jet as well as its width can be adjusted according to your needs. It is one of the most useful equipment to have a greener lawn than at the neighbor.

Main disadvantage

This is an annoying detail for many users. The latter are tired of having to make a tedious adjustment of the flow rate before each watering.

You will be able to discover the multiple advantages of Gardena Aquazoom from the very first uses. Know that we give it a score of 9.7 out of 10.

It is a versatile material. In any case, its manufacturer intends it for the automatic watering of rectangular gardens.

It can be placed on the ground or raised. In both scenarios, the watered surface will have a square shape with sides of 15 meters.

Intended for a medium-sized area

Offering a flow rate of 1050 liters per hour, this sprinkler is mainly intended for private individuals.

The precious liquid will be practically evenly distributed. This support makes it possible to reach the plants from above. It would be better than watering from the side.

No special maintenance

This product is made of high quality polypropylene. In other words, it is resistant plastic. Its filters are made of stainless steel. It therefore does not fear shocks and does not deteriorate, even if it remains in ambient humidity for a very long time. You can leave your sprinkler outside without fear of rust or other forms of degradation.

It is not designed to withstand freezing and extremely low temperatures. The risk is at the level of the oscillator. Do it with a round and fine file, only when you see that the evacuation holes are hampered by the lime deposit.

 Gardena Automatic 6-Way Vending Machine

To program it according to your needs, combine it with the Gardena 1060 irrigation programmer.

For example, use the lawn sprinkler and the Micro-Drip drip system for flowerbeds, potted plants, hedges and vegetable patches. The opening of the water outlets takes place automatically, one after the other, according to the timer setting.

You can deactivate the water outlets not required by the adjustment lever. You can independently regulate the watering time of each nozzle to provide the different plants with the necessary water ration.

If you don’t know how to choose the best sprinklers of 2022, first define the area of ​​your garden and the different types of plants to be watered. For a large garden with a variety of lawns and plants, turn to the Gardena Selector which comes with a 26.5mm external thread, 5 tap connectors and 3 plugs.

If Gardena is considered to be the best sprinkler brand of the moment, it is not without reason. It has developed a whole line of products intended to help you maintain your garden perfectly.

Automatic watering: This automatic selector is very efficient. Combined with a Gardena C1060 programmer, it will be able to supply up to 6 independent irrigation networks.

The 6 outputs it has are all facing the same direction, which helps to facilitate the installation of the selector.

Easy to use: You will have perfect control of the 6 zones to be watered. You will easily be able to close unused outlets without using any tools. User reviews of its effectiveness are overwhelmingly positive.

Essential programmer: The product cannot work independently. It is imperative that it is associated with a suitable programmer.

Kupton 360° Rotating Garden Sprinkler

One model among many others could well suit you, but the quality is offered to you with this sprinkler from Kupton. Because the distribution of water must be done in a balanced way to obtain a stable growth of the herbs, the rotary system with the 3 arms of this product will be very useful to you. Best of all, its rotating nozzle can cover up to 1000m² at once, which will save a lot of time.

However, reaching a great distance is not enough, and that is why this model has a mobile system that can be adjusted at will. In this sense, the nozzles will not be fixed on one point and this maneuver allows an equal distribution of water. Also in this context, you can save water with the diffusion speed setting and at the same time give the children a play area. On the other hand, you should know that the jets are powerful enough to optimize of your tasks. In addition, the equipment is already equipped with accessories as soon as it is purchased, in particular a master key and a quick connector to make it easier for you to get started.

In terms of solidity, the durability of this sprinkler is demonstrated by its ABS plastic construction and its anti-rust polymer.

Mobility : The 3 arms of the nozzle associated with the 360° rotation allow good mobility of the material. In this sense, your field of action will not be restricted, thus reducing the working time.

As a result, you will be able to control, as you wish, the surface to be worked on, without breaking your head.

Distribution: The system featured on this model allows you to properly dose the amount of water to be spread on your lawn. At the same time, you will experience a balanced growth of your garden lawn with simple adjustments.

Indeed, here is something to occupy and impress young and old alike.

Got leaks? Having problems with your watering system? Has your water bill suddenly skyrocketed, yet you turned your sprinkler system off? A busted pipe underground, with wet dirt above is a really good sign it's time to get some repairs done on your sprinklers. The crew at Landscape Laveen are experts at getting to the root of the problem. Let us do the messy digging, the repairs, and replacing everything back in order. We do these every single week. We've gotten pretty good at it.

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